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Decorative concrete


What type of surface in needed to apply a decorative concrete?
Portfolio Image Acceptable surfaces: concrete, cement slab.

What is the best system for my project?
Portfolio Image The Skimstone and micro-top are applied on smooth, flat surfaces; their maximum thickness is 1/4 inch.

The self leveling is the best system for floors that are wavy and need leveling its thickness is from 0 to 2 inches. (Price varies depending on the thickness and the number of square feet).

Smoothed concrete is an economical and easy solution which consists of a simple surface preparation with a protective sealant (price varies depending on the choice of the sealer and the number of square feet)

Is decorative concrete a good choice for basements that are susceptible to water damage?
Portfolio Image Yes, decorative concrete is ideal for basements as it does not mold. Decorative concrete also lets the water vapor out of the slab at the same time preventing the water from penetrating the surface.

How to clean the decorative concrete systems after water damage?
Portfolio Image It is enough to clean the floor with water and a disinfectant

Is it possible to apply decorative concrete on the outside?
Portfolio Image Yes decorative concrete can be applied externally to pools, concrete patio, concrete terraces, stairs…

Is decorative concrete slippery outside?
Portfolio Image We mix aluminum oxide in the sealer to make the surface slip resistant

Is decorative concrete resistant to abrasion?
Portfolio Image It is the sealer which protects the concrete from abrasion, thus keeping a health sealer is key.

Can we apply decorative concrete on heated floors?
Portfolio Image Yes, only thin systems are recommended on heated floors.